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Africa Mission Trip

Rene' and I are very excited about going to Africa. We are running around and finishing all the last minute things that have to be done before a trip. We ask that everyone be in prayer for us while we are away. Your prayers are essential and play a big part of what God is going to do there.

Pray most of all that the Gospel will go out. Pray that we will have the opportunity to tell someone about Jesus who has never heard about Him before. Pray that God will give us the right words to say and the boldness to say them. Pray that we might learn from this experience, that God will help us to listen and to look with spiritual ears and eyes. Pray that God will give us a vision of how East Hickman Baptist Church can minister and serve the people of Senegal.

Pray that we might be an encouragement to Hal and Angel. They have been serving in Africa for several years now, and God has blessed their ministry there. Pray for the other missionaries and workers in Dakar. Pray for the people there, over 99% are not Christians.

We love you and miss you already. God bless

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