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Keep the Revival Fires Burning

Our revival services have ended. The revival fire needs to continue. Bro. Phil and his wife Teresa really enjoyed their time with us and they did a great job in preaching and teaching the Word. Also Scotty learned a lot and helped teach us in an entertaining manner.

How do we keep the revival fires burning? First of all,carry through with any decision that you have made this week. Many people got serious with God and God spoke to many hearts. The commitments and promises we make to God must be taken seriously. If we do not carry through in obedience to God then our commitments are in vain.

Revival prayer is an absolute necessity before a revival. It is just as important after the revival. Continue to pray for revival. Pray for East Hickman Baptist Church. Pray for Bro. Phil, who is preaching a revival in Knoxville next week. Pray for the salvation of the lost around you. Pray for your Sunday School teacher. Pray for your Pastor. Pray for those who attended the revival and still need to make decisions in their life. Prayer is the key and we have to be a church of prayer. Pray that the revival fire will continue in your life and in God's Church.

Many of you invited people to come to the revival. Thank you for doing that. Lets continue to invite people to Church. One visitor told me after the Easter Sunday service, "I feel like I have just experienced a little bit of Heaven". Lets continue to be excited about what God is doing and share that with others.

Continue to be faithful in your attendance. Many of you were in attendance for every revival service. That shows your desire to experience revival in your life. I know that is often impossible to be at Church for every service, but lets continue to gather together as often as we can.

I love and care for each of you and desire that God would bless you. See you Sunday.

Bro. Freddy

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