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One Day Revival

I am a summer person. When the temperature is 100 degrees I am happy. That makes winter a tough time, especially when the Polar Vortex reaches down to Tennessee. The one thing that helps me make it through the winter is when we have a break in the cold weather, even if it is just for a day. If I can have one sunny day with temperatures warm enough to get outside and breath some fresh air, I am a happy pastor.

Sometimes as Christians we need the spiritual boost that comes from a revival service, even if it is just a one day revival service. Brother Skip Youngcourt will be preaching this Sunday morning, January 17th, at East Hickman Baptist Church. Please do everything you can to be there and to experience revival in your Christian walk. Pray for revival this week. Call someone and remnd them about this Sunday. Invite someone who needs to hear the Gospel. Hopefully the revival we experience in our lives will continue a lot longer than just one day.

God bless you, Bro. Freddy

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