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Father's Day

Nineteen years is a long time. That is how long it has been since my father went to passed away. I still miss him and think of him daily. My Dad taught me to work hard, to finish what I start, to be a man of integrity, to tell the truth, to be on time, to be dependable, to love my family, and many other lessons.

When I think about him I realize that the greatest thing I learned from my Dad is that Christianity is real. I remember what he was like before he decided to follow Jesus. My Mom carried all the children to Church while my Dad stayed home. I can remember his temper and many bad traits that characterized his life. Then he got saved and everything changed. He was a different person. I saw first hand that Jesus gives a new heart and makes us a new creation.

My Dad did many notable things in his life. He fought in the Korean War. He started a family thousands of miles from his home. He once gave his testimony at the Billy Graham Crusade. He was appointed as the official greeter at his Church, and was a deacon. But what made him great in my eyes is that he hardly ever missed a ballgame I played in. He was there for me and my siblings.

Father's Day is over, but let us remember the good things our father's taught us. If your Dad is still alive, give him a hug and tell him you love him. Tell him thatnk you for all that he has done for you

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