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Snow Day

When I was a child I loved to hear thoses two little words, SNOW DAY. That meant there was no school today! I would grab my mother's mixing bowl, fill it with Fruit Loops and cold milk, and head to the couch to watch Roy Rodgers! It was a reason to celebrate as a child.

Today I fill differently. I do not like being snowed in, and I especially do not like canceling Church services. I have talked to many of you who fill the same way. I am beginning to see that we are blessed at East Hickman Baptist Church, in that we really desire to be together and to fellowship and worship together.

The reality is that this was one of the worst storms that we have had in middle Tennessee. The roads were impassible in many places and our parking lot in particular was dangerous to drive or walk on. I look forward to being together at Church soon, until then let me say that I love you all and I miss you all. God bless. Bro. Freddy


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